By : Ues Kurnia

(Management of Sharia Banking STEI SEBI)

If we talk about economy, actually there are many enemies which we must against. One of them is riba. It is longstanding enemy for moslem which can destroy life order of society. therefore, we must war with it. But war is not always a mean physical conflict, like weapon canflict among countries to get a victory. It can be done also with use thinking, e.g : transfer knowledge about Islamic Economics by seminar, discuss, debate, or by using written form such as book, article, and other forms which can explain it to many people easily.

Riba is enemy which tricky and cruel. It can enter to many transaction in activity of economy. And if we let it, So it can spread to various part of transaction in economy easily. Hence, we must be perceptive and wory.

For this moment, actually riba entered to various transaction of economy. For example, entered to transaction in the banking, assurance, pawn shop, and other financial Institution. and we can see many negative effect from influence of riba toward life of society, especially in our country. Even crisis of global which happened until now. It is as one of negative effect of riba.

As a mujahid of Islamic economy. So, properly we must arrange strategic to against riba. We need not to war against countries that used system of capitalist economics. But we can fight with study hard about Islamic economics until we have perfect comprehension about it.

After that we must transfer our comprehension about it to our family, neighbours, and friends. So, step by step they will understand about it and will leave transaction of riba.

Beside that we also can introduce islamic economic to society, like by using presentation, seminar or training and invite them to move from transaction of economic with interest system to profit sharing system which fairer and more pacify. We hope, may they can understand Islamic economic easily and fastly. And they can be interested to practice in their life, like in business, investment, etc.we hope all. amiin…

Published at FoSSEI’s Website, Desember 4, 2008


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